Mobile Network Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot network performance issues from your smartphone with our free mobile app for Android and iOS.

Experience the next generation of network monitoring and debugging. Sonar Lite gives you complete visibility of your domains from dozens of geographically unique locations within the Constellix network. Identify bottlenecks, verify connectivity from different locations, and root out network latency.

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View all the network hops between your desired monitoring location and any server or FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). This tool is great for troubleshooting location specific latencies. Just run a few traceroutes from different monitoring nodes to narrow down the source of network issues. You can also use traceroutes to identify bottlenecks and points where traffic is falling off.

dns lookup

DNS Lookup

Sonar Lite is the only app that allows you to specify a DNS Lookup by a specified location. Measure the performance of your DNS against either a public resolving name server or your authoritative name server. Use this tool to quickly check that your users are seeing the correct DNS resolution worldwide.

DNS Trace

View your entire DNS trace from the root name servers, to the TLD’s (Top Level Domains), to the authoritative name servers. We recommend using this tool when you need to identify any misconfigurations in your network.

dns trace
tcp check

TCP Checks

Monitor your server using TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) check and see how your server is performing for speed and efficiency. You can even customize by location from dozens of points within the Constellix network.

HTTP Checks

HTTP Checks (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) allow you to verify if your web server is up and running from a dozens of monitoring nodes around the world. If the web server is responding, it will return a HTTP status code of 200.

If you want to view more status codes, we recommend that you use the full version of Sonar.

http check
https check

HTTPS Checks

HTTPS Checks (SSL or secure version) make it easy to verify if your web server is up and running from dozens of points in the Constellix network. All checks are done over HTTPS port 443. You can even see the length of time it took to receive a reply from the web server. If the web server is responding, it will return a HTTP status code of 200.

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