RUM is the core driving force behind every ITOS solution, allowing you to route traffic intelligently.

Use real-time user metrics to make automated decisions and create the optimal experience for your users.

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Real-Time Global Performance

See from your clients' point of view and create unique routing solutions to improve their performance.

Track web performance across the full spectrum of factors:

  • Page load times
  • Device
  • Browser
  • Connection provider: wired, WiFi, or cellular
  • Content performance: images, scripts, HTML, and CSS
  • Third party services: CDN, integrations, software/plugins
  • Internet connection and ISP

Integrated with DNS

RUM has been an industry staple as a reliable means to monitor page load times. However, Constellix Sonar takes RUM to the next level by integrating real-time user metrics with GeoDNS management.

The information gathered from Sonar RUM is used to influence traffic routing in Constellix DNS... in real time! When RUM detects performance changes for clients in a particular location, it will automatically reroute clients in that location to the best performing site.

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How to Use RUM

  1. Once you log in to the Sonar control panel, you will first see the Sonar Dashboard.
  2. In the top right of the Dashboard is a drop down menu "Add Check". Click it and select the "Real User Monitoring | RUM" button. Rum tutorial
  3. You will then see two text boxes. Enter your desired name for the RUM Check, then enter the host or IP address you want to monitor. Note: You will want to enter the same hostname that your clients will use when they enter your website. We will verify that the RUM script is being called from the appropriate web page upon call. Rum tutorial
  4. Click the green "Create" button.
  5. A dialogue box will pop-up asking you to "Please copy and paste the following code below to the end of your page right before the end of the body html tag. Although not recommended as a JavaScript best practice, you can also place the script right between your header tag." Rum tutorial
  6. Now once visitors start visiting your site their experience and speeds will be tracked in Sonar. Wait a few minutes to gather some data for your users. Real User Monitoring
  7. You should now see your check under the "Configured Checks" table, the type should be labeled as "RUM".
  8. When you have enough visitors, all you have to do is click the name of your check and you will be sent to the RUM interface.
  9. To learn more about how to analyze your RUM data, we will post another tutorial soon with detailed information and tips on how to optimize your domain's web performance using real-user metrics.

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