Constellix DNS

Enjoy total traffic manageability with the world's most granular routing tools. Create unique experiences for your end-users based on their connection or location.

Most Accurate GeoDNS in the World

Manage your query traffic with absolute precision based on your client’s location, IP address, connection type, and more.

100% Uptime SLA

DDoS attacks are on the rise and are target businesses of all sizes. Protect yourself with our SLA-backed network and enjoy guaranteed uptime.

Predict DNS Attacks in Real Time

See your domain’s query traffic in real time! Anticipate attacks and mitigate them before your clients even notice.

Engineered for Speed

Our PoP's are located at critical exchange points, using only tier 1 providers, maintained by the industry's leading experts in network engineering.

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Constellix Sonar

The world's most advanced integrated monitoring solution within a DNS management platform. Deliver truly optimized experiences for your end-users based on real-time metrics.

Made by Admins for Admins

Sonar uses the same tools our admins have trusted for over 15 years to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot network connectivity.

Integrated with DNS Failover

If Sonar detects that your primary IP is not performing optimally, it will automatically fail over your traffic to a backup IP.

Be the First to Know

Get instant alerts by text or email. Set up windows to detect changes in connectivity so you can fix them before your clients even notice.

Great for Web Developers & Designers

Improve your site’s performance, decrease page load times, and accurately detect any changes.

Available on Every Device

Web-based Control Panel

Easily setup DNS configurations and monitoring checks in our intuitive control panel.

Mobile Apps

Control your traffic on the go with our mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

REST-based API

Automate your domain management with our powerful RESTful API.


Sonar Lite App

Troubleshoot network connectivity issues from dozens of cities around the world.

Chrome Extension

Identify and troubleshoot website performance and connectivity issues from your browser.

Coming Soon!

Need more? Please reach out to our support team to request additional features.

Backed by our 100% Uptime Network

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Only Pay for What You Use

No long term contracts, no sales staff. Pricing engineered to grow with you.

Our pay as you go system allows you the freedom to choose the services you want, without paying for the ones you don’t need. Services are billed monthly, and you will only be charged for the services you configure and apply.

Constellix is able to offer the most competitive prices for DNS and monitoring, because our services were engineered from the ground up with our users in mind.

We offer scalable pricing that was designed specifically for growing businesses and startups. As you use more services, the costs will decrease.

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